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Post  texastskitty0520 Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:21 am

[center]Terms of Use for Personal & Commerical Use

Personal Use

A. You can use them online for your personal graphic designs

B. You can print them out for your own personal hobby of scrap booklet
we just do not supply the ink, paper, or the scrapkit bookets..

Commerical Use

A. Poser Set's
B. Elemant Set's

You may not use them "As Is" You must
make something with my posers or elemants
such as:
stickers, notecards, address labels, fund-raising products, T-Shirts,
cafe express items, websites, invitations, stationary, incredimail,
candy wrappers, scrapbooking, brochures, paper crafts, decoupage,
printable crafts, announcements, greeting cards, ebay auctions,
templates, logos, blogs templates, business cards, sigtags, and anything
else you can think to make with my posers or elemants for commercial us only.

These rules below follow for both Personal & Commerical Use

1. You may not share or offer my tubes and/or scrapkits as snags
or downloads from your website/forum/group.

2.You may not use my tubes with another artists artwork
(scrap kits are ok).

3.You may not use my tubes and/or scrapkits to make 'blank tags'
(All tags must have text on them).

4. You may not place anything that you make with my tubes and/or scrapkits on websites
that promote child abuse, animal cruelty, pornography,
racism or anything that is illegal.

5. You can only sale my posers or elemants sets only, if you buy
scrapkits you need to ask my permission before selling any items from it.
by simplying clicking *contact me by add in the subject CU Freebies Help- that way I know where you read my terms of use at*

6. You must give me proper copyright credit to my artwork

if you use it online by simplying
adding this credit below:
1. All Poser of Mine I get the ©
©Sunshine's Creations + *main store*
©Sunshine's Creationz + *second store*

2. PSP Elemants or Scrapkits - No poser of Mine be:
PSP Elemant (name) or Scrapkit by Sunshine's Creationz + URL (above)

Thank you for taking the time and reading my terms of use for personal or commerical use
please sign below that you have read them..

Lots of Love Always

Kitty (texastskitty0520) aka Sondra

Owner & Graphic Designer of Sunshine's Creationz


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