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The Scrappin Cop Has Changed her tou Empty The Scrappin Cop Has Changed her tou

Post  LauraLee Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:04 pm

Commercial Use License Effective 10/12/2009

All items are free to download for Personal Use. If you would like to use my freebies for Commercial Use a license must be purchased via PayPal. The cost per Commercial Use download is $2 each or you may purchase an unlimited Commercial Use license which allows you to use all items on the site for your Commercial purposes for $20. There is a credit requirement in the form of a link back to my site or mention of my resources in your credit document or TOU if you use my Commercial Use downloads. Please refer to the TOU included in each .zip for specific Terms prior to purchasing the Commercial Use license for that item. Not all freebies on my site are available for Commercial Use!

Please specify in the PayPal "instructions" or "message" field for which item(s) you are purchasing a Commercial Use License. When you purchase a Commercial Use License, I will email a receipt for that item to you within 48 hours. However, you may begin to use the freebies as Commercial Use prior to receiving the receipt.

A Commercial Use License is required if you want to use my freebies as items in kits you will sell or give away. It is also required if you use my freebies for blogger templates, candy wrappers, hybrid projects, etc. that you will sell. You may use my freebies to decorate your own blog or web site, create layouts for galleries, etc., without purchasing a Commercial Use License. Again, please refer to each specific TOU included in the downloaded .zip for additional restrictions or requirements.

I realize that thousands of my CU freebies were downloaded prior to this requirement. I don't expect that designers will purchase a CU license for those prior items but if you are creating a new product after reading this, use your conscience. I am not so disillusioned to think that all designers will pay for a CU license for current or future freebies they will use for Commercial Use. I am relying on the "honor system" and hope this will restore my faith in the digiscrap community. I want to continue to give my items as freebies to those who will appreciate and use them. However I also felt that I was being taken advantage of by many designers claiming my freebies as their own creations and not providing credit where it was due. Chances are good that I would never find out if you don't pay for a license. However, I will maintain a database of those who do.

Please read some of the Q and A before purchasing a license and do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions!

Q: I have items in a store or on my blog using your CU Freebies! Do I need to take them down or remove them from the store?

A: Of course not! I don’t expect designers to remove items that they may have used before I “changed the rules.” That would be completely unfair and unreasonable. And there were THOUSANDS of downloads of my CU freebies before I changed the rules. There is no way I can be assured a designer came back to my blog after she/he downloaded my freebies to even be aware of the new requirements after the download. I’m just saying, if you’ve read the new terms and are designing something new with old CU downloads – Use your conscience! I’m not going to hunt you down (probably – lol) and make you aware of the new terms. Believe it or not – I do have much better things to do!

Q: I don’t sell my designs in a store but just give them away as freebies. Do I need a Commercial Use License?

A: Technically, yes. Very few designers allow you to design freebies with Personal Use Only products. Am I going to hunt you down or call you out on it? No. Especially if you provide credit to me for the resources as required. That’s a wishy washy answer but honestly if you are giving things away out of the goodness of your heart for this fabulous digiscrap community I don’t want to discourage that! I know how expensive this hobby can be and will never break even with all of the programs, filters, hardware, etc. that I have purchased in the past two years to provide freebies. But I enjoy doing it!

Also, it hasn’t been asked but if you want to use my freebies for tutorials (free or paid) you do not need to purchase a Commercial Use license. I just ask that you direct your readers to my blog for the downloads.

Copy and paste this code on their blog when you download.
[code:1]Thank you!
<a href=""><b>CU Freebies Only Forum</b></a>Sent Me!
Thanks For Sharing your Time and Talent with us![/code:1]

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