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Christmas Doodles (CU)

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Christmas Doodles (CU) Empty Christmas Doodles (CU)

Post  Mamrotka Fri Nov 20, 2009 11:49 am

Here is my CU freebie doodle Smile

Christmas Doodles (CU) C7034a125c9db9032714ddef838f6347.image.450x450

Avalaible in my Commercial Creations store

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Christmas Doodles (CU) Empty Re: Christmas Doodles (CU)

Post  LauraLee Fri Nov 20, 2009 12:34 pm

LauraLee wrote:You can advertise your store and special sales here

Having to register and share personal information to get your freebies is not what I consider a are asking for us to register in your store in order to get the freebie....please provide another way for our members to download your freebies.

I will delete any freebies that require registration in order to obtain them. I will begin deleting starting Saturday July 25th 2009.

I am sorry but a lot of stores allow for direct downloads with out registration if yours doesn't then please place the freebie on your blog....for download. thankyou02

Copy and paste this code on their blog when you download.
[code:1]Thank you!
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